AGI Fine Art was established by Agora Gallery of New York City to leverage years of experience in supporting artists who would like to exhibit their art at leading art events, including Miami Art Week, Artexpo New York and more.

Our professional team is dedicated to providing artists with a seamless experience while providing top-notch promotion and exposure.

Red Dot Miami (December 4–8, 2024) | Mana Wynwood, FL

Why Exhibit with Us?

At AGI Fine Art, you're not just displaying your artwork, you're joining a heartfelt family of artists.

Here, we share the creative passion and commitment to your artistic career. From start to finish, we take care of all the details that go into participating in an art fair, providing holistic support and professional guidance at every stage.

Based in NYC

New York City is the global hub for contemporary art and culture, and we're here for it. We have access to top opportunities in NYC and are focused on connecting your art with the right audience.


When it comes to logistics, we've got you covered. We offer assistance on shipping, framing, stretching and handling of your artwork, as well as helpful tips on packing and presentation best practices.


Benefit from our curatorial expertise, and collaborate to showcase your best pieces in our booth, where we ensure professional handling and presentation of your artwork. From cutting-edge digital presentation to physical wall space, we bring top-notch design that is aimed to elevate.


Welcoming art collectors and lovers from around the world, we're dedicated to enhancing your visibility at an international level. Gain recognition and grow your network through our online platforms, targeted outreach, and strategic promotion.

Promotion & Sales

From press releases and social media to invitation mailings and print materials, we arrive equipped with all the promotional tools needed to fully leverage your art fair participation. Our sales team is staffed throughout fair hours to discuss your work, process sales and introduce important leads.

Simone Ibba

Working with them was a real pleasure, I was lucky enough to be selected to exhibit on their digital monitor at the Red Dot Miami Art Fair in December 2023. They were very professional and helpful, special thanks goes to Carolina Carilo who assisted me at all stages for the exhibition. Thanks for everything

Molly McDonald

All of the hard work coordinating all the aspects of such a huge event by the galleries was amazing. Communication was very accessible. I was honored to be part of the event. The New York Exhibit will be even more exciting. Thanks for all the good advice.

Red Dot Miami (December 4–8, 2024) | Mana Wynwood, FL

Space Options & Pricing

  • Digital (6 images) = $725

  • 4ft (1.2 m) = $3,250

  • 6ft (1.8 m) = $4,650

  • 10ft (3.0 m) = $6,350

  • 14ft (4.5 m) = $7,900

  • 20ft (6.0 m) = $9,850

Discounts available when participating in more than one fair

Click here for a sample overview of the space allocation

Not sure which space is perfect for you? Contact us

Frequently asked questions

Can AGI Fine Art assist me with pricing my artwork?

We ask that you price your artwork based on your sales history. However, we will be glad to provide feedback and pricing suggestions.

How many artworks can I exhibit?

The number of pieces depends on the allotted wall size, and will be selected in order to achieve the best possible presentation, aesthetically and conceptually.

Is there a deadline to submit my work?

Deadlines vary by fair. We usually ask that you submit your artwork images for review no later than three months prior to the fair.

How is the space calculated?

The space is calculated by the width of the wall which is the linear ft.

What are the wall height measurements?

In most fairs the walls are 10 ft high.

Where is the booth located?

We always have prime locations in fairs, which are centrally located and present our exhibiting artists with top visibility.

How many sales can I expect? What is the price range?

Sales volume varies from fair to fair and prices range between $500 – $20,000. We can’t guarantee sales, but they are in our best mutual interest, and we do guarantee every effort will be made to sell the artwork.

How much space is between the next artist and me?

Spacing between artworks and artists depends on the pieces being exhibited, the aesthetics, and the overall design of the booth. Our experienced team will curate the booth for the best presentation and salability.

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